Tuesday, 16 April 2013

#LDNBBMeet | Meeting Bloggers, Shopping and a Few Cheeky Drinks

Meet ups freak me out. It took from the time I heard about the event (when Sophia | TattooedTeaLady first started organizing it) until the day before it actually happened to decide to go to it. 

Meeting 1 person is bad enough for me, so the idea of meeting a huge group of people had me wanting to hide myself in the wardrobe away from humanity for a long time but I'm sure you've had your anxiety post overload over the last few months so I won't go on about that!

Taking advice from Zoe from Zoella, I just said yes. It's easier said than done and I almost cancelled the morning of the meet up because I was so anxious. The lovely Bex from Futures  said it would be okay to meet up with here and few other girls a little early to help ease me into the idea of meeting people.

I meet her with Shona, Lisa, Sophia and a couple of other girls for some shopping a lunch before the meet up at 3:30 at Selfridges. 

We had a nice time wandering around Selfridges, swatching and talking about the products and shopping too. I picked up two things from Selfridges and a couple of things from Boots after the meetup. I finally got my hands on Chanel Coco Mademoiselle that I've been lusting after, I also picked up a YSL lipstick, a  Eyeshadow Palette and another Nars Laguna Bronzer (Review and Giveaway here).

 After the meet up, a few girls who weren't attending the She Said Beauty Invite Exclusive Event decided to head towards Tottenham Court Road for a bit more shopping and a few cheeky drink. We hit up Boots and a few other shops along the way before heading to a bar for Cocktails and a nice chat about all things blogging and beauty. 

I wanted to give a special mention to Helen | Uneven Lemming Beauty, Amy | Amoi Universe, Zoe | Fave Value Blog, Indra | Alice in Beautyland, Kimberley | Kimberley's Beauty Blog and Jordan | Leopard in Leather who were the girls that headed up to the pub for a nice chat. It was great to meet them all, have a nice chat and drink and then make a slightly tipsy trip to Primark. 

I'm sorry if I didn't mention you in the post, but leave your link below if you attended the meet up and I'll be sure you check out you blog and we can have a good ol' natter on twitter.

Finally, I think everyone needs to offer a big Thanks to Sophia, Lisa, Sophie who  organized the meetup. There has been so much bitchness on Twitter over this and to be honest it's kind of childish. No matter what reasons people have for organizing something, they still organized it and gave you all the opportunity to meet other bloggers!   


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