Friday, 5 April 2013

Lipgloss Collection | MAC, Estee Lauder & More

Lip Smackers Fanta Gloss
This is a great budget clear gloss that isn't sticky but can be slightly greasy on the lips. It smells amazing thought.  
 Twilight "Bella" Lipgloss
This is a great clear glittery lipgloss that is simple and nice on the lips. It's a little sticky but the glitter doesn't irritate my lips and it lasts a good amount of time. 
 Estee Lauder Pure Colour Gloss in Quartz
This is a nice gloss because it's not to glossy. It gives a nice sheen to the lips without making them sticky or wet looking. It smells good too. 
The Body Shop Gloss
I like this because it has a slight yellow tint to it so it's a bit different from the regular clear gloss I would use over lippy. 
Revlon Colour Burst Lipgloss in Crystal Water 
I got this because of Sprinkle of Glitter. It's a slightly frosted clear gloss full of the most gorgeous fine milled glitter in just about every shade. It's amazing. 
MAC Tender Tone in Tread Gently
I want MAC to repromote these. They are a lip balm with SPF15 but I use it as a gloss. It's a nice shimmery clear shade that keeps lips moisturized, gives them a gloss look and smells amazing. 

L'Oreal Glam Shine Blush Gloss in Rosewood Blush
This is one of my go to nudes. It's not to glossy but leaves a nice sheen on the lips. It looks great just in the centre or all over and it's lasts well for a gloss too. 
MAC Lustre Glass in Sinnamon 
This is was my first MAC lipgloss and I adore it. It's a great brown nude colour with shimmer in it. It's a little sticky but the colour is beautiful and I love that the brush is a brush rather than sponge tip. 

NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss in Pop
I got this when NYX had a huge sale. I love the formlua of these glosses but I prefer the shades that don't have glitter in them because the glitter does feel gritty on the lips. The colour comes of clear though and it smells like cherries so it's pretty good. 
Rimmel Gloss Stick
I love this alone or over lipstick. It's smooth, and doesn't get sticky. It's a nice colour and it was really cheap too.
MAC Plush Glass in Fullfilled 
I looked up swatches before buying this and the ones I found made it look like the colour in the tube but to be honest it's just a clear plumping lipgloss. It lasts ok, it is a little sticky and does have that tingle effect most plumping glosses have.

NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss in Tea Rose
I adore this gloss. It's a nice rose pink cream colour, and it smells like cherries. I love it and want some more from this range. 
Max Factor Max Effect Lipgloss
This smells like watermelon and looks great on the lips. The colour pay off is nice and it's not to sticky either.
Rimmel Stay Glossy Gloss in Stay My Rose
This is a nice pink toned gloss that isn't sticky and creates a beautiful sheen on the lips. It lasts ages too and smells nice. 
17  Ultimate Volume Lipgloss in Fuzzy Yellow Petal Flower
Can we just spend a minute on the name? Cute right? This is like a lipgloss version of Lovelorn by MAC. It's a nice pink with a little gold shimmer. It's not sticky and it's really pigmented. 
L'Oreal Glam Shine Gloss in Crystal
This is a great gloss. It doesn't taste that great but it lasts a nice amount of time and the sheen it creates is gorgeous. The pink colour is great for spring summer so I'm using this more now 
Revlon Colour Burst Lipgloss in Peony
This is a lovely peach/coral toned gloss that lasts ages on the lips, applies smoothly and is super pigmented. It's not that expensive, and it's a great spring colour with some gold shimmer running through it. 

Revlon Super Lusturous Lipgloss in Lilac Pastel 
This was so hard to track down but I finally found it in poundland for just £1 obviously. It's a nice lilac lipgloss and the packaging is really nice too. 
MAC Cremesheen Glass in Boy Bait
I got this as part as a holiday set and I love it. It's a nicely pigmented creamy gloss that is a great pink brown nude colour. 

Max Factor Max Effect Lipgloss in Ruby 
This is a gorgeous smelling red lip gloss that is smooth on the lips, just pigmented enough for a red hint to show and it's not too sticky either.
Revlon Colour Burst Lipgloss in Rose Quart
I love this gloss just like then other colour burst lipglosses. It's pigmented, not that sticky and lasts a long time. It's got a nice sliver shimmer running through it too and works really well in the centre of the lip to make them look a little fuller. 
Colour Works Lipgloss 
This is similar to boy Bait my MAC but a little more pigmented. It's a nice gloss but not the best. It's not the worst either. It's got a nice colour pay off and smells nice too.

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  1. Quite the gloss collection! Some really good recommendations here :) always on the look out for a pretty gloss that won't get my hair stuck to it haha. Love the sound of the fanta gloss! If it tastes/smells anything like the drink then it's a winner xx

    1. The lip smackers glosses are amazing! The sprite one, which I lost :(, is even better than the fanta one!

    2. Oh nightmare! Nothing worse than losing your make up is there?! I'm terrible at losing my stuff boo x

  2. I love you gloss collection I am very picky with y glosses, if they are stick then i cant wear it no matter how pretty it looks :(
    but i will definitely have to check out the fanta gloss it seems so COOL :D

    1. The fanta one is great if you hate anything sticky. It's really cheap too!


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