Thursday, 11 April 2013

MUA Cover & Conceal Review

The MUA Cover and Conceal Wand Concealer claims to be a lightweight coverup that can hide imperfections while leaving a smooth and flawless finish.  MUA say this is can be used to cover imperfections, spots and dark circles and the creamy formula blends to a natural coverage that lasts all day. It comes in three shades and costs just £1.50
MUA Cover & Conceal
MUA Cover and Conceal in Fair. £1.50. link
For me this concealer good value for money but in the grand scheme of things it's not the best. It's also not the worst so keep that in mind. I found this around the same time that I started trying out the Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer as well, so it had hard competition to compete with

It does offer up a decent amount of coverage, especially considering the fact that it's only £1.50. I have tried this on spots, redness and under eye circles and found that it works different for them all

On spots it covered them really well when first applied but it didn't last, even if I set it. The coverage, while full at first, faded quickly and within a hour my blemishes were exposed to the world again. 

When it cam to covering things like scars and redness, this performed well  but not the best. I found that it was hard to blend over larger areas of the face like my cheeks, but after some work it got the coverage I wanted and it lasts for a good few hours until it began to fade. 

This for me works best under my eyes. The shade is just to light for my skintone so it does brighten ever so slightly, and it covers my dark circles. I must admit I don't have the worst circles so it might not work for you if they are really dark. It covered the darker area under my eyes, and it lasted really well. I did have to set it with either a spray or powder because if left alone it did crease. 
MUA Cover & Conceal
I like that this isn't matte because I never really wear matte foundations a matte concealers tend to stand out strangely on dewy foundation. I like the packaging. It's simple, and pretty standard for wand type concealers. 

MUA Cover & Conceal

Just for reference I picked up the shade fair and found it to be a touch below the shade 1 Fair in the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer range and it's a very yellow toned concealer. They do offer 2 other shades that are slight darker and offer a more pink tone if that's what your after. The only issue with the shades is that they don't offer anything for the deeper skin tones out there. 

The only really bad thing about this for me is that I find it hard to blend the way I want it to. I'm not sure why that is because it's not really that thick in consistency but I find that unless you are working in a very small area like a blemish then this gets hard to blend out. If you have just a few extra seconds to blend things out though, I would recommend this. 

If you want to try this out you can find it selected Superdrug store or online here for just £1.50.   


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  1. I could really do with a new under eye concealer! Ill definitely be trying this one for £1.50 :) what a bargain.great review lovely xxx


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