Saturday, 27 April 2013

MUA Merged Eyeshadow Trios in Theatrics

The MUA Merged Baked Shadows are a trio of complimentary shades that can be used day or night. The two tone threads of colour create shimmer and sparkle that come in base of highly pigmented shadow. The lightest shade can be used all over the lid or a nice cheek highlight while the darker shades can be used to create a nice crease colour on the eye. 

Theatrics is a collection of three shades that contain a gold cream colour, a lilac purple shade and charcoal black shade. 

The pigmentation of these shades aren't as great as other MUA baked shadows I've used, and I found that the shades in this palette weren't as complimentary as some of the other ranges are.

The colours contain a lot more glitter than the previous MUA baked shadows, and because of this the glitter goes everywhere. It's easily dealt with I suppose but I would rather not have to deal with it. The shades are beautiful without the glitter, and I think they would be better without it. The glitter, when the shadows are blended out, looks sparse and like it found it's way to your face by accident. 

These shadows might be nice too look at in the pan, but I urge you to try the regular baked trio because they offer nicely pigmented shadows that can be used wet or dry and you don't have to deal with glitter fall out. 

You can pick these up in selected Superdrug stores or online here for £3 each. There are 2 other new shades to try also. 



  1. These look really lovely xx


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