Friday, 1 February 2013

Skincare Routine | Day/Morning

I put off doing this post for quite a while because I've never had a set routine. I mixed things up quite a lot and never really stuck to something but this year I want to clean up my skin! I'm fed up with looking at my giant pores, having them get clogged constantly and having breakouts all over my chin. Since getting into a routine, and ditching the dreaded makeup wipes my skin is better.

 I have a tricky skin type in my opinion. It's very dry, and if I don't have a quite intense moisturizer then I get flaky patches. I also have breakouts around my chine area and on my nose. My pores are huge and get clogs easily too. That's quite a tall order for a skincare product to try and help. Most products for dry skin will not stop/help spots and pores, while products that help clear spots and minimize pores dry out the skin. 

So, I've tried out a few too many products, and have settled into this routine at the moment. The products are working for me, so I thought I would share them with you! I'm going to start with the morning routine that I have going. I tend to use differing products at night because I can use something slightly more intense but for the day time the products aren't too abrasive or intense. It makes it easier for makeup to sit nicely, and it doesn't agitate my skin and make it gross and all red. 

You can see my night time routine, and some random additions in the next few days. I was going to put them all in one post, but this is already to long! Check back soon if you want to know a night routine

Morning Skincare Routine: Lush, Botanics, Clinqiue, Bliztex, Garnier, No7 and Good Things
Botanics Pore Perfecting Deep Clean Mousse, LUSH Tea Tree Water link, No7 Beautiful Skin Blemish Defense Serum link, Good Things Stop That Spot link, Garnier Moisture Match for Dull Skin link, Clinique All About Eyes link & Blistex Relief Cream.
So, the first thing that I do is wash my face. I try to use pore minimizing wash and at the moment I'm working my way through the Botanics Pore Perfecting Mousse face wash. It's not my favourite, but I need to use it up and it smells amazing! I would recommend the Clean and Clear Pore & Shine wash over this, but I want to use this up.  

Next up I spritz some of the Tea Tree Water all over my face, and then take a cotton pad a wipe of the excess. It just helps minimize the pore a little more, and it helps treat any spots as well. It doesn't smell the best, but the scent doesn't stick around for long. 

Next I add my serum which is an optional step for me. If I feel I need an extra boost I'll apply a thin layer of the no7 Blemish Defense Serum. I'm not sure if this does anything, but it does fell nice of my skin.

After I let this sink in, I add my moisturizer and eye cream. I'm in love with my moisturizer, which is currently the Garnier Moisture Match for Dull Skin. It's a gel formula that is meant to wake the skin up as well as moisture it. In my opinion. it's a dupe for the Clinique Moisture Surge. It's got a similar formula and it leaves the skin feeling pretty similar after. I will think twice before getting the Clinique version now I know about this.  

My eye cream is not something I fussy about. I don't need any of that anti aging stuff because I'm only 19, and I just want something that is going to decrease my puffiness. The Clinique All About Eyes is meant to do that but I can't tell a huge difference. It adds some nice moisture to the eye area which is a bonus but I don't see a decrease in the puffiness.

 After letting the moisturizers settle into my skin for a while, I'll add the Good Things Stop That Spot treatment to any problem areas if I need too. I can't say I've noticed an huge difference with this, but we can live in hope that something will help my spots. It doesn't leave anything dry of flaky so it works great for a day time treatment. 

The last thing in this routine is the lip cream. I have the worse dry lips, and I actually have severe redness below and above my lips lines. I have tried everything to try and sort it out and nothing has but I find that using this relief cream keeps is moisturized enough through out the day so that it doesn't get gross, dry and flaky. I think this is meant to be for cold sores but it keeps lips really nice, and the cooling feeling you get when you put it on makes me think it's doing something

So, that's my day/morning routine and be sure to check back in the next few days for the night and random parts of this  

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  1. I love good things products! xxx

  2. Botanics Pore Perfecting Mousse face wash smells amazing!

  3. The lush tea tree toner is great, I love it!


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