Thursday, 31 January 2013

Maybelline Eye Studio Mono in Iced Fudged (Satin Taupe Dupe)

Maybelline Eyeshadow in Iced Fudged (Satin Taupe Dupe)
Maybelline Eye Studio Mono Eyeshadow in 720 Iced Fudged, £4.09 link
I love a good eyeshadow! It's probably one of my favorite items of makeup. I rarely go out without eyeshadow in some shape or form. The Maybelline Eye Studio mono shadows are amazing quality, and only £4.09 a pop. You get a sponge applicator thing which can be of use somethings, and you get a pretty decent amount of product too. 

The shade that I picked up is called Iced Fudged (which is really bad English) and its a taupe-y brown colour with a silver shimmer running through it. The shimmer isn't glitter as such but it is slightly more chunky than shimmer that you see in higher end shadows like MAC. It blends out really well though and it's amazingly pigmented. 

I love this for use either in the crease in the day, or all over the lid for a darker night time look and it works both ways. The silver shimmer makes is a cool tone shade, rather than something that brings warmth to the eyes. If you like warmer tones, this might not be for you but I think anyone can make all tones of shadows work for them so it doesn't bother me. 

On to the dupe part!  It's very, very similar to MAC Satin Taupe which is something of cult classic. It's not exactly the same, and as I type I don't have them to swatch next to each other.

I love a good MAC shadow, but being a student I cannot afford to buy them all the time. I do have a few shadows from MAC, and finding dupes for those gives me a little giddy feeling. It's nice to know that when I want to repurchase something, I can get the same thing (or almost the same thing) for a cheaper.

The main difference in the texture of the shadow. While the Maybelline shadow is really good qualitly, it just doesn't have the creamy smoothness of a MAC eyeshadow. Its slightly more chunky and I think that has something to do with the shimmer. It's not quite as subtle as the silver sheen in Satin Taupe but the end results are pretty much the same. This can come of a little more brown in some lights, compared with Satin Taupe but for the price difference I'm willing to deal with it being a bit more brown rather than taupe/grey. 

If you like depotting things, these can be depoted quite easily but I haven't got an open palette so I've left mine in the casing. 

It might be worth a look at if you like these kinds of shade, and were thinking of getting Satin Taupe. It's about £10 cheaper than the MAC version and it's just as good in my opinion. 


  1. It looks beautiful. I don't own Satin Taupe so this is great x

    1. It's very similar, so worth looking in to! I'll try to find a time when I have them together and add a photo of the swatches next to one another! :) x

  2. I don't have Satin Taupe but I like that Maybelline one,very pretty,I think I will try to find it

    1. It's deffo worth it! Hope you find it :) x


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