Friday, 4 January 2013

Boots Botanics | Intensive Moisture Mask

Botanics Intensive Moisture Mask, £4.59.
I am on a mission to find a combination of products that will work for my skin type. I often get break outs around my chin area but the rest of my face is extremely dry. I get extremely dry patches that flake on my forehead, cheeks and just below my lips.

Most masks that I’m drawn to are usually anti-blemish and such like products but they are all very drying on my face so I don’t continue use! So, I have a different plan of action now. I’m going to try anti blemish moisturisers and things like that and use moisturising masks.

I brought because the Botanics range was on 3 for 2 and I had two products. It seemed interesting and I liked that it could be used over night as well as for 20 minutes or so.

It was £4.59 for 75ml.  It contains all those natural goodies that the Botanics bits usually do and its main ingredient. Honey is meant to add rich moisture to the skin. It has many traditional uses in drinks and other beauty products, but in this mask it’s used to bind moisture to the skin.

I usually just slap on  mask in the bath while I leave a conditioner on my hair so I never really prep my skin or anything but this specifies that it be used over cleansed skin. It suggests you leave in on for 5 to 10 minutes and then you can take it off with a cotton pad. It also says you can pop on a thin layer and leave it on overnight which is how I used it most often.

This doesn't 'set' like a clay mask, in fact if you do apply a thin layer it just sinks in like a regular moisturizer does. I like that it doesn't set because I really hate that feeling on my face even though that normally means they are doing something good.

It has a clean smell to it, which is great because I’m not a fan of scented masks. They tend to make my eyes water, and any irritated skin patches on my face tend to get really itchy if there is a scent in there. This doesn't irritate any sensitive areas of my face or make my eyes water at all.

This, used along side some great moisturizers, has helped me sort out the flaky dry patches on my skin and I think I have my breakouts under control for now. I like this product, but can't find it online which makes me thing that it might have been discontinued. I hope not because I want to repurchase this when I'm finished.   


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