Monday, 14 January 2013

Hot Looks Collection 2000

Collection Hot Looks Fast Dry Nail Polish in Big Hair, Lemon Soda and BMX Bandit, £1.99 link.

These polishes are meant to be bright, on trend, fast drying and highly glossy.That's quite a lot to live up to especially considering they are only £1.99 a bottle. I don't think they quite live up to these claims but they aren't terrible. For the price, they are actually quite good.

The colours are nice, but I wouldn't say they are specifically on trend. They don't tend to release new colours for the seasons. I have the shades Big Hair (red) , BMX Bandit (blue) and Lemon Soda (pale yellow). The blue and yellow separate really easily which was a disappointment but when they are mixed together they, for me, are better than the red in formulation. The red is a lot more liquid-y, while the other two are much more creamy and easy to apply.

The yellow is by far the worst, in my opinion. As with most yellow shades, , not just this one, it takes at least three coats to get a semi-good coverage without a super streaky finish. The first coat looks more terrible that you can imagine but if you have the patients to persevere you can get an okay colour out of it. 

The blue is a little patchy, but you can totally work with it without as much hassle as the yellow. The red, while a little running for my liking, is the best in terms of coverage. Two coats of Big Hair and you're good to go! 

The quick drying claims made by Collection (previously Collection 2000) is semi true. It takes quite a while to dry, but not as long as others. It's quicker than Barry M polishes which I like but it's not a quick as something like the L'Oreal Colour Riche polishes. It's most definitely doesn't take the 60 seconds it claims.  

You get 8ml for your money, and they are quite often included in some kind of offer. The bottles are cute and not to big. I they are great for nail polish hoarders because they aren't to big and expensive that they go to waist. 

Collection suggests that you use a base coat and that two coats will give maximum colour intensity. The two coats is a debatable claim for some shades but, it works for others. 

Overall, they are okay polishes that are great if you want to build up a big collection because they are cheap but they aren't the greatest quality and I would rather pay a little more for something from Topshop or L'Oreal and all round brilliant polish. 


  1. I feel that frequently the cheaper polishes that don't work that well aren't worth the hassle for that price.

    I have one that was super cheap and I just never really use it because it is so bad!

    1. I'm definitely gonna give up with the cheap ones to be honest! You're right, they are never as good.

      Sarah xo


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