Monday, 4 February 2013

Skincare Routine | Night

So, if you haven't already seen my day/morning skincare routine you can see it here. It's a bit of a long post but it tells about all the pesky skin problems that I'm trying to combat with my routine. I have a slightly different routine at night than I do during the day so I thought I would share that with you today! 

Night Time Skincare Routine
Biore Warming Anti-Blackhead Cleanser link, Clean and Clear Refreshing Facial Scrub link, Tea Tree Cleanser and Toner link, Good Things Stop That Spot Treatment Gel link, Purity Overnight Regenerating Moisturizer* link, Lancome Bi-Facil link, Clinique All About Eyes link & Blistex Relief Cream

A few of these products are interchangeable with other products, but the idea is all the same. 

The first thing that I do is take of my eye makeup, and any other stubborn makeup I may have on my face like lip stains of anything like that. I find that an oil based makeup remover works better for this and at the moment I'm using up a small Lancome Bi-Facil that I got free when I brought a mascara. It's a really good makeup remover and you only need a small amount, once you've shaken it up, to remove both eyes. I just put a little on a cotton pad, rest it over my eyes for a few seconds and the wipe away. 

After I have got that off, I will was my face with one of my scurbs. I find using these at night works best for me so I alternate between two scrubs. The Biore Warming Cleanseris a brilliant scrub but I find it to abrasive to use every day so I use this twice a week, and all the the other times I will use the Clean and Clear Refreshing Facial Scrub. 

The Biore Warming Cleanser is meant to warm on contact with the skin, which is does, and help clear away those pesky blackheads and clean out your pores. I think it's a brilliant scrub and really helps keep my problem blackheads at bay. 

The Clean and Clear Refreshing Facial Scrub is a great every day scrub. It is just abrasive enough that I feel it's doing something but not to abrasive that I can't use it everyday. It gives my skin a good clean and gets all that gross dirt and grit out of it. 

 After washing off the scrub, I'll put some of the Tea Tree Cleanser and Toner on a cotton pad, and run it all over my face. This gets off any dirt that might be left and also tones my skin. I don't really love this cleanser/toner, but it's working for the moment and I will use it up. It's great for an affordable option, but the peppermint smell isn't something I'm a fan of putting of my face and it tends to make my eyes start watering if I get anywhere even close to them. 

After my face is totally clean, I will put on my night time moisturizer which is the Purity Overnight Regenerating Moisturizer. This this is amazing. It's super thick so it's quite intense, but it doesn't make any oily patches worse, and it helps out those gross dry areas. It's all natural which is great, and the stuff seems to be lasting for forever. You don't need too much considering it's so thick and it's cheap too which is a huge bonus. 

Next, I put on my eye cream which is exactly the same as my day/morning one. I layer it on a little thicker now just to give more moisture but as I said before I'm not sure it's a miracle worker and I just use it because I have it. 

After than I put on a nice thick later of the Blistex Relief Cream. This really gives my lips a boost, and helps them for being all dry and gross. If I have a lip scrub at the time I will give them a scrub before putting this on to get away that dead skin. 

If I have any spots, I'll put on a bad of the Good Things Stop That Spot gel, but if not the lip cream is the last thing and I head off the bed.   
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  1. I love tea tree face wash! xxx

    1. Yeah, the Tea Tree Toner is great! As is the refreshing scrub :)

  2. I have problems with pore too.. nice post xoxo

    1. Hope these products can provide some inspiration to help your pores out!


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