Friday, 22 February 2013

From BB To CC | Just another fad?

So, I'm sure you're all bored of hearing about BB Creams. I think nearly every brand has their own verison of the same thing and it's kind of boring now! 
BB creams are nice products don't get me wrong, but they claim to be this miracle thing and I just don't think they are. Well, the western ones aren't as amazing as they claim. Sure, they give me a little bit of mositure, sun protection and a little bit of coverage but I was getting that before so why buy the same thing all over again? And the products I used before were better tailored to my skin needs and wants. 

Now that BB creams have worn out their welcome, cosmetics companies have seized the opportunity to build upon the craze. CC cream (colour correction creams for those not in the know) are creams that correct colours on the face like darkness, redness and dullness.

L'Oreal are perhaps the most popular at the moment but brands like Chanel and Nip Fab are jumping on the band wagon. I'm not sure Chanel and other brands alike are quite like the l'oreal ones, but they are the only ones I've had the opportunity to try. 

I didn't buy them, because while they might colour correct they are far to dark for my skin. I won't go into to much details on L'Oreal specifics because I want to do a review on them but I just wanted to make a post discussing the introduction of CC creams and ask you your opinion on them. 

Are they just another fad? Are they just a silly result of people and companies capitalizing on the BB cream craze? 

Are they worth they hype they have been getting? Are they the next genius product? 

Will you be buying one? Have your tried one? I look forward to talking to you all about these because I'm not sold on them. Leave a comment or tweet me!


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  1. I completely agree. As someone with very pale skin, I struggle to find foundations and BB creams. BB in particular! If they are meant to be all that, it shouldn't be this much effort for something that's merely, "alright." CC creams do strike me as just the next product to come along which we are all meant to fall for...then forget when the next product comes along!

    Ashleigh x

    1. Totally agree! They just don't live up to the expectations they bring with them.


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