Saturday, 16 February 2013

Cybercandy Zotter Chocolate Bar | Thoughts

   I'm a big child. I really am. I don't want to sound ungrateful because I can see how this could come across but when it comes to products I can't have, I want them all the more. It's the same with sweets/food from other countries. When I heard people on blogs/youtube talking about things from the US or Europe, I want them all the more than anything I can get easily in the UK. 

 Cybercandy help me suppress my need for things I can't have. I first discovered the shop, near Coven Garden, by mistake when I was lost and I fell in love with it. You can get sweets and things like that from almost every country, and some really bizarre things too.   

cybercandy zotter chocolate bar
Zotter Chocolate Bar, 70g £3.59 link

I got the chance to try the Zotter Christmas Crackling chocolate bar, which is a product of Austria. It sounds totally intriguing to me because I've never really heard of chocolate bar quite like this one.

It's a milk chocolate bar that's filled with apple, honey and cinnamon! I adore anything with cinnamon so that was a win from the get go. It does contain alcohol, which is a downside for me because I'm not a fan of alcohol in sweets but the combo of apple, chocolate and cinnamon make up for it. 

When I first cracked this open, it smelt like warmth and winter and all things good. The cinnamon is really prominent and I love that. It's not too sweet but it's sweet enough to satisfy the need for chocolate and sugar. 

cybercandy zotter chocolate bar
It's fair trade, and organic which is great. I've heard so horror stories about  the things that can happen when cocoa beans aren't fair trade, so I love that this one is. It's hand-scooped and bean to bar which is all good stuff. 

cybercandy zotter chocolate bar

You can get this bar from here, and I would recommend checking out the cybercandy website for sweets and food you can't get a hold of over here like Lucky Charms!

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  1. I'm with you on the cant have so want more subject, lol! This looks utterly amazing I have to try it out. I don't have any shops like that near me so I may have to look at ordering online with lots of boxes of lucky charms!

    1. The store is great, and the online store is great. I've satisfied my cravings with the one in London too many times!


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