Thursday, 22 November 2012

YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation | A Review

Well what can I say about this beauty? I brought this on a whim, which was stupid considering it cost £28 but it was the best purchase I’ve made in a while. I went to the YSL counter, not that long after this released, and asked for a foundation that was good for dry skin with a medium coverage, and ended up with this. It's not bad for dry skin, but it's most definitely not medium coverage. 

So, it's not originally what I wanted but I'm so happy I brought this. I will be repurchasing it because its just the I've used this every day from the time I brought it until the bottle ran out, and now I've found that I just don't love other foundations like I used to. 

Whilst this doesn’t offer the fullest coverage in the world, it does something to my skin that I can’t explain. It makes it look good, and gives it a quality that I haven’t found in any other foundation as of yet.  It’s just great for taking out redness in the skin, offering a beautiful glowy finish and just all round making your skin look fabulous. 

I've tried to find something similar to this, and I can't. I've tried other glowy foundations and I've tried adding highlighter to regular foundations but nothing gives this effect. It's a nice individual product, and something that I think is worth the money. 

I love the packaging. I think it looks and feels high end. The gold it's too overwhelming and the pump is awesome. I've seen, and tried, a number of higher end foundations that don't have a pump and that annoys me greatly.  It's so messy, and you waste some foundation because I always pour out to much. So, thanks YSL for giving me a pump.