Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Body Shop Mositure Foundation

This is a new discovery of mine and I must say I think it’s love. I have only ever tried one other body shop foundation and I was unimpressed, but this knocked my cute panda socks off!

It’s the perfect foundation for those who have dry skin, and don’t want anything heavy. It still offers a decent coverage, and I think it conceals redness really well too.  I have the lightest shade (02) and it's perfect for my skin tone. It has a slight yellow tint to it which cancels out my pink skin tone to make it  look neutral which I love. I think most of the shades were yellow based, so if you don't like that then this might not be for you.

It leaves a REALLY dewy look, so I set it, and mattify it, a bit. It does need to be set in someway thought because it does tend to slide around a bit. I think if you have super dry skin with no oilyness, a setting spray will do but if you have oily/combination or normal skin I would say a light dusting of powder would be best.

Overall, it's pretty much to I can't really add a glow to this like Hocus Focus because it's very liquid-y to start with and the added liquid makes it too thin to use.