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Kristen Stewart | Style Likes and Loathes

The official movie posters. Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn Part 1 & Breaking Dawn Part 2
From my constant tweets about my excitement for the final Twilight film you can probably all tell that I’m a Twilight fan. It’s quite sad to think about but I really grew up on these movies and books and it’s quite sad to see it all come to an end. It feels like the right time though because I feel old enough to let it go. I know it’s quite sad to think about a film/book series like that but I’m sure everyone has that one thing they grew up with and this was mine. 

 I have a review of the film coming up but I don’t want to post it to soon because it will include spoilers so I’m going to wait a week or so until I publish it. So, I’m going to do a little fashion post on the stars. I think I’m going to split it up into three of four posts because I don’t want this to be horribly long. Part one is going to focus on the main girl herself, Kristen Stewart. I’ve picked some of my favorite looks alongside those more questionable ones she’s pulled out the bag since 2008. 

 I'm no expert when it comes to fashion and I generally go with what I feel comfortable in and I like clothes on other people when they look more comfortable which I why I love some of these looks.
My favourites can be seen here and she wears Prabal Gurung on the Breaking Dawn Press Tour, Versace for an Eclipse Photo Call, Julien Macdonald for a Breaking Dawn P2 photo call, Yigal Azrouƫl at the MTV movie awards in 2009 and
Balmain at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards. 
I always think Kristen looks better in a shorter dress rather than those floor length gowns and lets face it shes got the legs that you can show off to the world. Sometimes I think she could do with a little tan slapped on them because she is very very pale but with the right colours in the dress that pale works. 

My absolute favorite off them all above would be the red and black dress and chucks. I think it really reflects here own style rather than what she's been told to wear. The red pin dress is a close runner up though because she pulls it off when others would have look just a tad stupid. I think these dresses make her look her age as well which is brilliant. I think the Julien Macdonald dress is really sophisticated and really flatters here "boyish figure". It gives her a goregous shape and hits the leg in a nice place. Kristen has always been a master of the LBD and I think the first two looks in this picture are the best she's worn. The black contrasts nicely with her pale skin and I adore the higher neck lines.

Sorry, but what were you thinking? You can see Kristen in Elie Saab at the LA Eclipse Premiere, Oscar De La Renta at the New Moon Premiere, Proenza Schouler at a New Moon premiere, J Mendel at a New Moon Photo Call and Zuhair Murad at the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Premiere.
I've seen so many reviews of these outifts and they are all mixed but I'm just not a fan of any of them. I think some would look better on other people so it's not the dress I hate it's just that they don't suit Kristen. 

The Elie Saab dress at the Eclipse premiere is just to white and I don't like the shape. The shape doesn't so her any favours, and I think it might have been a bit better had the single sleeve been shorter or just a strap. The colour washes her out like the J Mendel dress at the New Moon Photo Call event in Paris.

The New Moon Permiere look is just a big no no for me. I don't think Kristen looks her best in 'gowns' so that works against her and the hair is just not something that goes with it at all. The Proenza Schouler dress from a New Moon event just makes me think "WHAT?!?" It's a very bizzare outfit for a premiere and it just doesn't work for me. 


  1. i'm really not a big fan of Kristen style so yeah i'm passing, i've saw breaking dawn it was absolutly amazing (:
    sara xx

    1. I'm not always a fan of her style but I think she hits the nail on the head sometimes. She should stick to what she likes not what she's put in! Breaking Dawn was amazing I have to agree.

  2. Oh god, I think she's gorgeous but what on earth was going through her mind when she put that last dress on!? Just NO.
    I'm a bit undecided on Kristen's style. She's been looking fantastic more recently, but sometimes when I used to see her on her 'off duty' days in the papers I would feel like giving her a good scrub, she looked like a right scruff bag!She definitely scrubs up well though!
    Mel x

    1. I have to admit that I like her off camera style. I think it shows the real here. Just a young girl who wants to stay in some jeans and a tee. The last dress isn't great :p I'm really not fan.

      She is a gorgeous girl though. Deffo a girl crush of mine haha

  3. Ok, this is really weird, but whenever I come to comment on one of your posts, I can't for the life of me find the 'comment' button, unless people have already commented! It doesn't show up...very strange.
    Anyway, I wanted to comment on your latest post on mascaras - was just going to say that I used to hoard them too, but lately I noticed that a couple I had kept a bit too long had started to smell different, not bad but different, so now I am trying to bin them every three months. I've actually never gone high end on mascaras, but I'm intrigued by the Lancome Hypnose as I've heard only good things about it. My personal favourite mascara is the L'oreal Volume Million Lashes mascara :)
    Mel x

    1. I have no idea what's going on! The comment button only shows up on some posts. It's not just you1 I'm trying to figure it out!
      the lancome one is amazing! I never really used high end until this and I adore it!
      I'm not a fan of the loreal mascara! I heard such great things about it and it just didn't measure up for me.


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