Saturday, 30 March 2013

Superdrug Coconut & Sweet Almond Intensive Conditioner

Isn't it always great when you find a brilliant product for a really cheap price? It makes the fact it's good just all that much better. This is probably one of the best bargains I've ever found. 
Superdrug Coconut & Sweet Almond Intensive Conditioner, 375ml, £1.49
The Superdrug Coconut & Sweet Almond Intensive Conditioner is a very thick conditioner for dry/damaged hair. It says it adds moisture and shine to the hair and it smells pretty awesome too. 
The product is very thick, and has a slight shimmer to it. It looks nice, but it doesn't make your hair glitter or anything like that so fear not. I have extremely dry hair, and I use this all through my hair from root to tip. For people who have normal hair, or oily hair it might be best to keep this to root application. 

It works well as a quick conditioner left in for just a minute or two, but it also works brilliantly as a mask if you leave it on for 15 - 20 minutes. It leaves my hair feeling silky soft, keep frizz at bay and leaves my hair smelling lovely

The best part about this is the fact that you can pick it for anywhere between 99p to £1.49. The price seems to vary every time I pick it up, but it's never more than £1.50, and it's usually on some kind of offer so you can get two for the price of 1. 

Because the Superdrug brand is cruelty free, this obviously is. It's carry's the BUAV approved logo, and also carries the Superdrug 100% Happiness Return Guarantee. This is a great scheme in my opinion because even if you've tried something from their own label brand, you can take it back if it doesn't meet your expectations. 

I would highly recommend picking this up if you haven't tried it. It's super cheap and it actually works! It also has a regular conditioner and shampoo in the range that are really nice as well. The Shampoo lathers up really well, and the conditioner is a nice, lighter version of this if you need it.

You can pick the Superdrug Coconut & Sweet Almond Intensive Conditioner up in Superdrug store, or online here for just £1.49.



  1. I love the smell of this but my hair ends up really greasy xx

    1. Oh no! Have you tried the regular conditioner? Same great scent but less intense?

  2. I really want to try this!

    1. You should! It's soo good and soo cheap too


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