Tuesday, 12 March 2013

B.Cheeky Blusher in Candy Cane

I picked this up about a month a go when the B range launched in Superdurg. I ran out with intentions of picking up a few things, and ended up with about 10. Oopss! This is probably my most favourite item from the bunch,  and I've loved it so much so that I've hit pan and haven't used another blush since. 

B.Cheeky Blusher in Candy Cane
B.Cheeky Blusher in Candy Cane, £5.99 link
I decided to get this shade, Candy Cane,  because it was the lightest shade and I've constantly struggled to find a blush that is light enough for my pale skin that I can be my usual heavy handed self and not look like a clown. 

I can apply this is my cheeks for a nice flushed look, but it's nothing over the top. It's very subtle, yet it makes all the difference to a look. I've used just about every brush I own to apply this, and I think it works best with a stippling brush.  It just sits on the skin beautiful, blends like a dream and lasts a long time. 

B.Cheeky Blusher in Candy Cane
B.Cheeky Blusher in Candy Cane
 The shade is a very light baby pink shade, with a very, very slight hint of silver shimmer. It's nothing major, and you cannot even see it on the skin. I just think it gives the colour a little bit of a lift so your face is totally matte. 

B.Cheeky Blusher in Candy Cane
B.Cheeky Blusher in Candy Cane Swatch
 I love this blush for the reasons stated above, but I also love it because it's impossible to over do. I feel like no matter how heavy handed I am with this or how much I apply in my half asleep makeup routine in the morning, it's still going to look nice. I can go over the top with many things in my makeup so I love a product that I can overdo a little and it still looks great. This one does it! 

I love that the brand is vegan and vegetarian friendly, and it's cruelty free. I'm trying to be a lot more conscious of products I use, and animal testing is something I'm going to try and avoid if I can because lets face it, it just plain disgusting to test something on poor defenseless creature. I'm not going to jump on my soap box today, so I'll leave it there but it's just a little something to think about! 

You can get the B.Cheeky Blusher in Candy Cane from select Superdrug store and online for £5.99

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  1. This does look lovely, I saw the range in Superdrug last week but they didn't have this xx


    1. I hope you can find it! It's an amazing blush. first one I've ever really loved!


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