Sunday, 10 March 2013

Annoying Things About The Internet

I'm a little addicted to the internet, but as I spend more time on it I find myself realizing that I have certain pet peeves or annoyances that people do. I just want to let you know what some of those things are! I did a pet peeves post (here) about rude customers in shop of you fancy giving it a read too.

I only have 8 here, and I'm sure their are soooo many more, but these are the ones (at the moment) that annoy me the most!

I know they shouldn't annoy me because they are minor things, but you know what it's like! The smaller things always bug you more than something a little bit more major! 

  1. "FIRST!"
    What do people think this is going to achieve? I honestly want to know what goes through peoples mind. At least say something about the post/video/photo! It's even more annoying when they aren't first. Do people expect some kind of round of applause for seeing something first? I just don't understand!
  2. Youtube Views/Likes Counter
    I'm sure that everyone who watched youtube now, knows that the view counter doesn't match the likes bar! I'm not 100% sure why, but I think it's because the likes bar is updates more often than the views count! Yes, youtube could fix it but please stop with the comment like "Why is their only 301 views, but 4059 likes!" Does it matter? No!
  3. Passive Aggressive Tweets/Statues If you've just had a bust up with someone and people know about that bust up because they heard it or saw it on the internet, then please don't follow it up with annoyingly passive aggressive tweets about how you're such a good person and you can't understand why people would do such a thing. Everyone knows that the tweet or status is about a specific person, and just grow a pair and say it to their face or shut up!
  4. Follow for Follow This is never going to work! I think it has the opposite effect in fact. I really do love that you followed me on twitter, or my blog but don't beg for a follow back. If you leave a nice comment, or tweet me something nice then I will check out your blog and probably follow, if I see follow for follow, then I probably won't even look at the blog because it puts me off!
  5. SpamI know you might have a giveaway, or really want someone to check out your blog or channel but spamming 'bigger' bloggers and vloggers won't help that much. It might attract some people, but I think people are going to look at something more if you leave a nice comment and leave a link or something at the end. If you comment on a post or something, at least make it relevant to the thing you are commenting on. I am never going to look at a link on a comment that says they love the product as much as me when I've spent the whole post telling people the product is shit.
  6. Over The Top Instagram Hashtags No one is searching the word #the or #green, so please don't has tag it. I get witty hashtags, or something like #makeup or words that people will search but don't go over the top because it's annoying!
  7. Captcha Can anyone relate to this? I think so because I've heard people complaining about it! Captcha is such a bitch to read! Especially on blogger. I know it's meant to be helpful and get rid of spam, but if I get it wrong once I'm off the site because I don't have the time to try and figure out some kind of cryptic code! If you want to warn of spam, then try comment approval.
  8. Giveaway CommentsJust. Please. Don't!  I love that people take the time to comment on my blog and I try to look at the links all the time, but similar to spam. If you leave a comment like "I love this too, check out my giveaway..." and I've said the product is crap, then I'm not checking out the giveaway. If you leave  a relevant comment and just a link at the end. I'll go to your blog, if you giveaway if shown in the sidebar, or linked somewhere I will check it out as well!

P.S: I've heard so many rumors about GFC going away, so maybe pop over to bloglovin and give me a follow there to keep up to date with my blog!


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  2. 'First' annoys the hell out of me but on a happy note love your blog :)

    1. Thanks hun! Glad you like my blog! I'll check out your ASAP!
      I don't understand first! It's like announcing you have nothing to do all day but wait for people to post things on the internet!

  3. The counter on YouTube always gets me too! Weird.
    Passive Aggressive tweets are so annoying. People need to take their petty squabbles off Twitter. We don't want to watch them unfold or see the aftermath.

    1. It is strange! Not sure why they don't fix it :)

      I have to try so hard not to reply and be like "Yeah we know who this is about and we really don't give a shit!" It would probably get me in trouble though


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