Saturday, 2 March 2013

Amazing Youtubers | Hilarious Edition

I have a slightly warped sense of humor. I suppose some people call it British humor but I love sarcasm, self deprecating laughs and irony. Some people might not find these people hilarious, but I sure as hell do. I hope you might find some more people to subscribe too, or maybe just tell you about the people I like to watch. 

Funny youtubers
danisnotonfire, nerimon, crabstickz & emmablackery

Dan Is Not On Fire
I'm not even going to put the fact that I'm a Dan fan girl in small text. I am. He's nice to look at, he's hilarious and seems genuine. You just need (yes NEED) to watch to appreciate just how awesome he is.  

Seriously, one of the funniest guys out their. I don't need to say much more. I'm not sure he's intentionally funny all the time, but I think he's hilarious and his laugh is awesome. 
Yes, I think I might be an Alex Day fan girl. 

Just watch! That's all I can say. He's an hilarious dude, a great actor and not hard on the eyes. He has a nice mix of videos and deserves a watch. 

Emma Blackery   
Emma is just hilarious. I think here videos are great. I kind of wish my levels of sarcasm reached hers, and I wish I was half as funny. I try, I fail. But Emma doesn't! 

Funny youtubers
amazingphil, dailygrace, ninebrassmonkeys, jennamarbles

Amazing Phil 
Phil sums up British humor in a youtuber. He's just brilliant, and I will always find time to watch his videos. 

Daily Grace 
Grace can be hit and miss with people, but I think she is amazing! She makes videos everyday, so you can have a giggle all the time. She is great at mocking people, and using sarcasm at a level where you have to think about whether she is being sarcastic.  

Nine Brass Monkeys 
I'm sure you've all heard of Becoming Youtube. It's a brilliant series and it has the perfect combination of hilarity and seriousness. Benjamin cook is hilarious, and it's great to see some of my favourite youtubers all in one series of videos. 

Jenna Marbles
I don't need to say anything about this choice. She's hilarious, and nothing else should be said.  

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