Friday, 29 March 2013

B. Radiant BB Under Eye Concealer

   The B. brand has done nothing but impress me with only 1 little bump in the road. It's not to expensive but it feels a little more luxurious than your average drugstore brand. 

I picked the B. B.Radiant BB Under Eye Concealer up with high hopes. I really wanted a new under eye concealer, after my Wake Me Up concealer started running low. I was really intrigued by the name and concept of this. The idea of a BB concealer is something that I don't really understand but all I could think of was that it was meant to be a lightweight concealer with just enough coverage to hide imperfections. 
B. Radiant BB Under Eye Concealer in 124 Light, £7.99 link
That's really what it is. It's a very lightweight formula, but it doesn't really have that much coverage. It's great for me because my dark circles are minimal at the moment. If you have really bad dark circles or areas that you want to cover up, then I would try something else. 

I wish there was a slightly lighter shade, but this matches my skin perfectly. It blends into my foundation like a dream and it doesn't crease. I would only benefit from a lighter shade because I wouldn't mind a little more brightening colour under my eyes. 
B. Radiant BB Under Eye Concealer in 124 Light
The packaging is very similar to all the other under eye concealers out there. It has a twist up bottom, that pushes the product through a brush tip applicator. It's a little unsanitary, but if you use for yourself only, and avoid blemishes you might be okay. You could also just brush it onto the back of your hand, and use it with your fingers. 

This is free from pesky shimmer and glitter than some people put in under eye concealers, so I love it just that little bit more. if you have any areas like redness this can cover it to because it's not got that shimmer in it. It doesn't cover spots all that well but scars and things like that are a little more blurred if you use this.

One final things to add is that this concealer, and the entire brand is cruelty free and it carries the international cruelty free logo on all it's products.  It's suitable for vegetarians and vegans too.

You can pick up the B. BB Under Eye Concealer from selected Superdrug store, and online here for just £7.99


  1. Lol pesky shimmer glitter... I don't like it either xx

    1. I just don't get it! I'm glad someone agrees with me

  2. I just bought the B.Prepared primer and loved it I also did a blog post on it if you want to go check it out
    Looks like I will have to invest in this

    1. I'll check it out soon! I'm in love with the brand at the moment! I've loved everything I've tried so far


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