Friday, 15 March 2013

Disappointing Products #2

I'm an impulse buyer. I wish I was the kind of person who could see something they liked, walk away from it, research it and go back if I liked it or leave it has bad reviews. I just can't do that. I have no will power, and if I see something I want I get it. That, unfortunately, leads to me being disappointed a fair ol' few times because I haven't read up on anything. So, today I have my disappointing products part 2. You can read part 1 here.

  Lets start with hair products. I have two at the moment that just aren't impressing me. I actually mentioned one of these in my last one, but I photographed it again without realizing it. I won't say much about that one, you can just go and read the last post! 

Nicky Clarke Endless Waves Leave In Conditioning Spritz

This just doesn't do anything to my hair. Maybe my hair is too curly or dry or something, but it does nothing. I like that it's a spray but it doesn't give my hair any kind of conditioning. The Gliss Liquid Keratin is much a better option if you want something like that, or even This Is 10 products if you can afford them. 

Kerastase Soleie Overnight Restorative Treatment 

It does nothing. That's all I say! Check out my last one for a better description.

Daisy Eau So Fresh By Marc Jacobs 

I love this perfume, but I regret spending so much money on it because I don't wear it. The scent is like Parmaviolets, which made me want it. But I just can't find occasions to wear it like I can with perfumes like Lola or Wonderstruck so it just sits there. It looks nice on the dressing table, but that's about it.

Soap and Glory Lid Stuff in Off The Wall Flowers

I think I've raved about these in the past, but after trying other shadows I realize these really aren't that great. It's partly my fault for getting a palette with a couple of colours I wouldn't use to often, but it's partly the product because they aren't that pigmented, and they aren't that easy to work with. There are much better shadows out there like MUA or Sleek or even NARS. 

Sleek Blush By 3 Palette in Sugar 

 This is my fault really because I probably picked the worst colour range for my skin tone. These blushes are great, but they aren't as great as some as the single blushes I've tried. The matte ones tend to go on a little patchy, and the shimmery one is just not the right colour for me. 

Collection Cover & Go Foundation and Concealer Duo 

This isn't good. I reviewed it here is you want to give it a read, but to sum up I just don't like this. The foundation goes on really strangely. It offers little to no coverage, and lasts about an hour. The concealer is very sticky and doesn't dry or set in any way. It offers a little coverage, but not enough for a concealer and it's just not creamy enough for me. 

Miss Sporty So Matte Perfect Stay Foundation

This claims to wear 14 hours. It doesn't. This claims to be a matte finish foundation. It's not. It claims to give you a flawless looking complexion. It doesn't This offers very little coverage. It doesn't go on very well, and it doesn't go matte. It's not really dewy, but it's not matte by any stretch of the imagination. If I can get it to look acceptable on my skin, it doesn't last anywhere near 14 hours, or 4 hours for that matter. 
Lipcote This stuff stings like a bitch, for lack of a better phrase. I just cannot even bare to put this on my mouth anymore. Even if my lips are not chapped, or cracked (which is barely ever) it hurts, but even the smallest crack on your lips ensures that you want to rip this stuff off your face. It doesn't really keep my lipstick on longer either. It creates this strange texture on your lips, and if you rub your lips together the lipstick comes off in a weird balls of products. 

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Gloss in Quartz

 This is okay for a gloss I suppose, but it's not good enough for the price you pay. I just find that it doesn't offer enough gloss, if that makes sense. When you pull the wand out, there isn't enough product on the wand to even do a one lip, and feels greasy on the lips. Whilst it feels greasy on the lips it doesn't offer any kind of highly glossy finish. Just not worth it in my opinion.

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  1. I'm such an impulse buyer too! I'd have so many unimpressive items if I did one of these posts haha. I've heard so many good things about the sleek pallet though! Xx

    1. I could have had a longer list, but I tried to be slightly objective. The sleek palette is good but its such a winter colour range, too pigmented for me and the matte ones just don't seem as good as the singles from sleek.

  2. Perfume is such a personal thing. I love M JAcob's Daisy So Fresh, but hate (yep hate) Wonderstruck.
    I also love Soap & Glory's Eyeshadows.

    But i love reading what other people think of products.
    I agree with Lipcote, useless. Estee Lauder gloss (too watery imo) and doesn't last. Sleek blushers, always too bright and too pigmented that they never blend without looking like Aunt Sally.

    Jules x

    1. I think all beauty products are personal! Everyone has different feeling for them! :) x

  3. Always interesting to know what doesn't work! Will steer clear of the kerastase esp, as it's something I would buy usually!

    1. Glad I could help save you some cash! :) x


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