Wednesday, 19 February 2014

What Beauty Product? Tag

After having a recent catch up on Bloglovin, I found that Belle-Amie had started a new Tag. I thought it sounded really interesting, and thought I would give it a go. So, I'll just jump into the questions:

1. You’re about to head out for a night out with the girls. What lipstick and lip gloss combo do you put on to make yourself feel gorgeous? 
Recently, I've been loving dramatic eyes and nude lips. I've been loving the MAC Blankety with a little bit of Seventeen Ultimate Volume Lipgloss in the shade In The Nude in the centre to try and give the impression I don't have really thin lips.

2. You’re running late for school/ work and need to leave the house in 5 minutes! Which 3 essential makeup products do you apply for a naturally beautiful look? 
I don't know if I've ever just worn 3 products haha I like to try and fit everything in if I can even in a rush but if I had to use just 3 products I think I would go with a light layer of the Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid foundation, a good lashing of L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara and I'd have to fill in my brows. I've been loving the 2True brow pencil in shade 1 for that recently. Optional extras that take little time would be a little Woodwinked eyeshadow all over the lid and a dusting of MUA Bronzer in shade 3. 

3. You’re packing for a week away on holiday. What “all in one” eye shadow palette do you bring with you? 
I really don't own that many palettes. I'm not the kind of person that uses lots of shadows in my eyes. I normally grab one shadow to bring with me and make sure it looks great blended out. Woodwinked from MAC is probably the best example of this. It looks different on the lid and when blended so it looks like you've put in more effort than you actually have. So, I'd probably bring my MAC palette because that's where Woodwinked lives.

4. You’re heading to the beach on a Summer’s day and will be wearing your favourite bikini. What nail polish shade do you wear on your fingers and toes to complete the look?
I never paint my nails, or go to the beach or wear a bikini but if I had to choose something that would be great for summer I would choose a bright pink/fuchsia colour and it would probably be something from the Rimmel 60s line because they are pretty awesome polishes. The second alternative would be a pastel blue or mint but that never looks so great on toes, at least to me. 
5. You’re getting ready for a date night to a new restaurant in town. Which perfume do you pick out from your collection to impress him?
I would choose either my Chanel Coco Mademoiselle or my Kim Kardashain perfume. I prefer my Chanel (duh?!) but my boyfriend perfers the Kim Kardashian option. 

6. You’re spending the weekend away and you only want to pack your beauty basics. What 3 brushes/ tools do you bring to do your makeup?
I would take 2 eyeshadow brushes, one shader brush and a blending brush. I've been using the super cheap Superdrug eyeshadow brush and the No7 Blending Brush. I would also grab a powder or blush brush to use for blush, bronzer, powder and highlight. I think my option would be the Real Techniques Blush brush.
7. You’ve just woken up to crazy bed hair and have no time to wash it. What hair products do you use to tame your unruly locks? 
This is me EVERYDAY! I have frizzy, curly and REALLY thick hair that is super hard to keep calm and style. To try and tame the frizz I would throw on some of the Toni and Guy Smooth and Straight balm. Unfortunately this is discontinued but I stocked up (with like 8 bottles) before it went. It's amazing, and can help define some of my curls too. If I'm a little heavy handed with the balm or have some major roots showing I would throw in some of the Superdrug Chocolate brownie Dry Shampoo to make it feel a little refreshed, cover the roots and absorb any excess "oiliness" from the balm.

8. Your friend wants to expand her makeup collection and asks for your help. What high street product and what high end product do you recommend her to try?
For something high street I think I would recommend something for lips or eyes. I think the drugstore does lip and eye products so well that you don't need to invest in them quite as much. A would recommend the MUA single eyeshadows or L'Oreal mascaras (particularly the Miss Manga). For lips I would recommend something from the Rimmel Kate Moss range. I love the original and the matte versions of these and they have so many good colour. For high end recommendations I would choose something for the face. I love YSL foundations so either the Touche Eclat for summer or the Youth Liberator for a little more coverage. If they wanted something FULL coverage, Estee Lauder double wear would be the first thing on my list. 
If you have done this, please leave me a link in the comment because I'm nosy and always love to know what other people would choose. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. I really enjoyed reading your answers :)! I love the Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks too, they're such great quality xx


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