Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Empties #3 | Makeup I've Used Up Part 1

This post is going to focus on Makeup that I've used up. I don't often use up a full product because I have too much makeup and try and switch it out. That might give you some idea of how long I've been saving these products because there is quite a lot of makeup here.  I won't say too much on each because I don't want you to feel like your reading a novel but I'll let you know if I would repurchase and link up any reviews I might have done. 

MeMeMe Flawless Cream Foundation in Blushing Beige, £12.50, link 
I got this free with an order I made with MeMeMe ages ago and didn't expect to love it but I really did. The shade was a little dark for me, but for something that was free it was a pretty decent match. I would repurchase this but it seems like MeMeMe is no longer stocked in the UK and online they only have darker shades. 

MAC Select SPF15 Foundation in NC20, Discontinued. 
I picked this up in a blog sale ages a go as a way of trying out some MAC foundations without the huge price tag. I think this was 3/4 full and only cost me £5. The colour was great, though I prefer NC15 and I really enjoyed the foundation. It's a shame this is discontinued because I would have repurchased but I might try something similar if anyone has any suggestions?  

MUA BB Cream in Light, £4, link
I brought this when everyone was jumping on the BB cream band wagon. I wanted to find a cheap BB cream that actually offered what I wanted but I soon learnt BB creams, no matter what the price, were not for me. This was a very thick BB cream which I found harder to blend that I thought it should have been. The colour was very nice though so I watered it down with a little more moisturizer and used it as a tinted primer

Sleek Be Beautiful Blemish Balm in Fair, £8.99, link
I really liked this BB cream but it was more of a foundation that BB cream. It offered light but buildable coverage, and didn't have the light effect other BB creams have. It wore quite well, and was perfect paired with a simple pressed powder. I used it on days when I was just popping out to the shops or felt like I was having a good skin day. I wouldn't repurchase because I've found other things that work better for me but for people with a light skin tone that want a light coverage foundation this is for you. 

Maybelline  Dream Fresh BB Cream in Light, £7.99, link
This is my all time favourite BB cream, and I have repurchased it. It offers a nice light coverage, blurs imperfections and sits on the skin nicely. The colour is perfect and I find I can use this two ways. I really like using it as a primer under foundation to make it stick and to alleviate the need for layering up foundation that can cake up. I also like using it alone, with some concealer and a powder with a little coverage.  

A while a go I brought a little sample pack thing on eBay and I finally worked my way though some of them. The only one I didn't get off eBay was the Max Factor sample, which came in a little kit you sometimes get free when you buy something from Max Factor.

Rimmel Fix and Perfect Primer, £6.99 full size, link
I liked this because it was just a basic primer that worked. It feels like the Laura Mercier primer on the skin, but is just a little less "priming" than that. It did make my makeup last long and gave it a slightly smoother base but the Laura Mercier option makes my make up last until I take it off.  

Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation in Natural Beige, £9.99 full size, link
I didn't enjoy this all that much but mostly because of the colour. It seems that when you get free gifts and it includes foundation or concealer they assume everyone is tan. Not the case Max Factor, but I did try this out and mix it with some super pale foundations to use it up. It was okay, but I wouldn't repurchase it in the full size.  

Rimmel Match Perfection Cream Gel Foundation in Ivory, £6.99 full size, link
I really liked this foundation and am pretty gutted it's been discontinued. It was a nice texture, had a decent coverage and it lasted pretty well. It was nice on my dry skin, and the gel texture made it great on drier patches and it felt more hydrating. 

Rimmel Match Perfection Liquid Foundation in Light Porcelain, £6.99 full size, link
I have purchased this in it's full size. I love that the colour is actually a match for me, and the coverage is great for everyday wear. It's not going to hide everything, which I sometimes like, it does even out the skin tone. It helps blurs the appearance of pores and blemishes. It offers a light to medium coverage and is buildable. The finish is nice and natural, and it doesn't cling to dry patches. 
Rimmel BB Cream in Light, £6.99 full size, link
I like this BB cream, but I wouldn't repurchase this shade. I might look into the Very Light shade that has been released recently, but I think the matte bb cream might be more for me. I don't love matte finish things on my face but this is crazy shiny so I had to pile on powder to knock out the shine. It was okay, but there are better bb creams about. 
Maybelline Super Stay 24hr Foundation in Ivory, £8.99 full size, link
I like this but I don't love it. I found the matte finish a little to much for my dry skin .If I was having a good skin day or used a crazy intense moisturizer then this worked for me but not all the time. The colour was nice, and the staying powder was lovely. I have purchased a super stay foundation but it is the newer option which isn't as matte but lasts super long on the skin. 

Part two will be up Friday because, while I wanted this to be one post I know that nobody wants to be reading a novel on my garbage. Check it out here
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  1. Now I have to say I haven't used ANY of these, funny huh?

  2. If used quite a few of these products, I really didn't like the MUA primer it was too watery for my liking. The maybelline BB cream is still one of my favourites although I now use the one targeted more towards oily skin.

    Gemma from ButtonsBlog

  3. Wow tons of products and I love all your mini reviews about them - have been tempted to try BB cream for ages (not sure why I haven't yet) Thanks for sharing

    Laura x

  4. I always love to hear opinions on foundations from fellow dry skinned people! lots of these I wanted to try so it was really helpful! thank you for sharing :)

    Eve x |

  5. I'm the same, I hardly ever finish a product because I'm always swapping it up and changing it around. Every 4-6 months I'm usually throwing stuff away because it's past its use by date. I do love the Match Perfection Range though, that is lovely :) xx

    Beauty Hot Squad - Birthday Beauty Haul

    1. The match perfection range is nice. I'm gutted they for rid of the Gel Cream foundation though.

  6. I LOVE the Rimmel primer. My skin gets so dry that it just sucks it all up haha. I like a lot of the Rimmel stuff actually, not too expensive but good quality.


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