Monday, 10 February 2014

Top 3 Bargain Bronzers | MUA, Fashionista and Solait

Fashionista Bronzer in Paris (£1.65-£4), MUA Bronzer in Shade 3 (£1) & Solait Bronzer (£4.99)
I am becoming a little obsessed with bronzing powders. I used to avoid things like that like the plauge because I just assumed that with me being about as pale as Casper the ghost I would just look like a TOWIE extra or like I'd been tangoed if I wore it. 

Well, let me tell you fellow pale friends bronzer is nothing to be feared. You just need to find the right one for you and your skin tone. It is slightly harder to find in the drugstore because they tend to only offer one shade per brand but it is getting better.  I've found a few bronzers from the drugstore, all under £5 in fact, that work with my skin without looking muddy, dirty or orange on the skin. 
1. Fashionista Bronzer in Paris 
Price:  £1.65-£4.00
About: This little pan of prettiness is a great bronzer that I think works well for light to light medium skin tones. If you are exceptionally fair, this works really well with a light hand and a duo fiber brush like the Duo Fiber Face brush from Real Techniques of the ELF Stippling brush.  It blends nicely over the skin, is decently pigmented and has just enough of  satin finish that it doesn't look to unnatural on the skin. I use this both to warm up the skin and to contour when I want, so it's a great investment.  You can pick it up for £4 in Superdrug stores or here. It's also on offer at a bargain price of £1.65 here on the MUA website. 

2. MUA Bronzer in Shade 3
Price: £1
About: The MUA bronzer is the biggest bargain of the bunch. The packaging isn't flashy or anything, and can tend to break the more you use it but for just £1 I don't care. It lasts well enough for me, and I'd repurchase this over and over. This, as far as a I know, is the matte shade out of the MUA £1 bronzing line.  It can appear quite dark and scary, but it is great for quite a wide range of skin tones. If you are very very pale, then use a light hand but I find just using a stippling brush/duo fiber brush works well. For a more intense look or for darker skin tones a heavier hand, normal brush or layering works with this bronzer. You can get it in Superdrug stores or here for just £1.
3. Solait Maxi Bronzer in Golden Glow
Price: £4.99
About: The Solait Maxi Bronzer is a Superdrug branded product perfect for warming up the skin and for some light contouring. It's not too orange or muddy, it blends like a dream and can be built up if you want more a bronzed look. It is absolutly huge, so would be perfect if you like to take some bronzer down the neck onto the chest area or even over the body. It lasts forever and has a "real" quality to it on the skin. It isn't shimmery or glittery, but offers a finish similar to Nars Laguna by give the face a natural  and subtle glow. It's only £4.99, and you can get it here. There is another, darker, shade to this but it isn't nearly as good and doesn't blend well at all.


  1. I like that they seem to be totally matte, even though a bit orangey. I haven't tried any of these, maybe I should check them out ;)

  2. I agree, they seem a little orangey - I guess you get what you pay for!


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