Saturday, 22 December 2012

Miss Sporty Studio Lash Mascara

Miss Sport Studio Lash Mascara, link

I think there a few versions of this mascara, and whilst it doesn’t specify the differences on the packaging, from what I’ve seen online I have the Instant Volume version. It’s meant to lift lashes by 70% and make the up to 60% longer. I’m not one for these stats though because I can’t fathom how you can measure that but I can say that this mascara does lift lashes and makes them look longer. Whether that’s by 60/70% I don’t know.

Miss Sporty say it has “zero clumps” but I would have to disagree with it. If you don’t wipe you brush a little before using it, it can clump on your lashes. Also, if you coat your lashes to many times it can clump big style. But, with 2 coats, and a little wiping it’s awesome. 

They also claim its “smudge and smear proof” which I would agree with but I’ve never really has a mascara smudge or smear on my before.  It does take a little while to dry which is a little which can be an issue. Especially if you’re like me, and the moment you put mascara on you need to sneeze. It’s pretty common that I end up with mascara all around my eyes because I’ve shut my eyes to much too fast.

They market the wand as a “next generation applicator” which is a little much. It’s a nice wand, and I love that it’s plastic because that’s what floats my boat but I wouldn’t say it’s next generation. I love the tapered tip but I’ve seen it before. 

Overall, it’s a great mascara. It’s especially great considering it’s only £2.99. It’s just as good as some mascara’s I’ve paid £10-£14 for, and better than any MAC one I’ve tried.