Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Avon Super Extend Extreme Mascara & Super Shock Max Mascara

 Avon Super Extend Extreme link and Avon Super Shock Max link

I got these mascaras in a magazine a couple of months ago. I’m not normally one to buy the same magazine over and over for the free gift but I got two of the same one for these mascaras because I adore them. I first got the Super Shock Max and loved it so much I wanted to try the others. Sadly I could only find two of the three that were on offer but I’m glad I got these because they are awesome.

The Super Shock Max mascara claims to give “15x the volume” and “does not clump” and it’s true. I’m not sure the 15x bit is exact but it gives my lashes an insane amount of volume without fear of clumps. The wand is super fat with fine bristles all over it which add volume but are fine enough that they separate lashes so there are no clumps.
It’s super black too. I have really blonde eyelashes so I love a really black mascara because it really frames my eyes and this is the perfect colour. It’s really black and it coats my lashes easily. It doesn’t take forever to put on, and even thought the wand is huge it’s not too hard to get the smaller lashes.

The Super Extreme Extend is essentially the lengthening mascara in the Avon “super” range. It comes with a plastic wand again and quite thick for a lengthening mascara but it works. It’s not exclusively lengthening, because it adds volume too. It adds length to all my lashes, and just enough volume for me. It’s a day time mascara for me, because even though it says it doesn’t “clump” it does when you try to add to many layers. It doesn’t flake or smudge thought which is a huge bonus!
They are both just awesome mascaras, and ones I would recommend. I think they are more suited for daytime looks but if you want one for a more night time look pick up the Super Shock Max.