Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Awesome Blushes on a Budget

I am on a spending ban. I am literally so close to running out of cash that I’m down to buying food to live on and that’s it. So, there won’t be any new reviews for a while but I was looking through my collection deciding what I could post about and the blushes I have stood out to me. I don’t have the best or biggest collection of blushes because they aren’t my favourite part of makeup, but the ones I have I do really like and I thought I would share my opinions on my favourites with you.

 ELF Blush and Bronzing duo link, ELF Blush link, Topshop Cream Blush link, NYX Rouge Cream Blush link and Natural Collection blush link.

 ELF Contouring Blush and Bronzing Duo 
This is a pretty popular duo I believe, and I can see why. It’s a great way to get a bronzer and blush that complement each other really well and for such a cheap price. I’ve also heard that this is a dupe for NarsOrgasm and Laguna, which is great considering it’s £26.25 cheaper than the Nars compact. It’s got shimmer in it, which can be noticed if you are to heavy handed but overall it’s a nice natural looking duo that can work for even pale girls.
I know that ELF can be a bit hit and miss, so this might not be the greatest thing for everyone but I adore this blush. It’s a nice bright pink colour that isn’t to pigmented. That would normally be a bad thing but because of the brightness of the colour the lower than average pigmentation makes it easy to use. It gives a nice flush to the cheeks and it’s a nice matte colour so you don’t get chunks of glitter on your face.
These blushes are only £1.99, and they are amazing. They are better quality than most more expensive blushes that I’ve tried. They are nicely pigmented, super blendable and they last a decent amount of time. The shade pink cloud is one of my favourites, and one of the brightest in the range and the other colours are more natural. It’s one of the only brands in the drugstore that I’ve found that do really neutral/nude coloured. 

I’ve raved about this until I’m blue in the face so I won’t say too much. These are fantastic, and I think I own every colour that they had in the Oxford Street store. They blend nicely, they have amazing pigmentation and they packaging is lovely. The finish on these is nice to because it goes on like a cream but sets and lasts like a powder.  Just all around fabulous, in my opinion. 

This blush is gorgeous, and a really nice neutral colour with golden shimmer. It’s a little too creamy, but the colour is lovely so I work with it. It works nicely when you use a brush or your fingers. It’s a little hard to get a hold of in the UK but I’ll link it above. I know these are easier to get in the US. If you’re from the UK, and putting a NYX order in online would highly recommend this.