Saturday, 27 October 2012

So Susan Wide Awake Palette | A Review

Hey guys, 

So, in my August Joile Box (The best I’ve had so far in my opinion) I got this palette, and I have to admit it was my only disappointment in the box. 

In the palette you get a highlighter cream, illuminating cream and an eyebrow sculptor with three colours in it. There was also a pair of tweezers, and a very bad brush.

I was really quite excited to get something like this because I love trying new brands, and I’d never heard of So Susan before. I played around with this for a bit, and have to admit it hasn’t left me wanting to buy anymore So Susan products.

Now, first I want to talk about the creams in here. The illuminating cream is a yellow toned colour and the highlighting cream is a pink colour.  I thought these would be great, but they really aren’t anything.

When I swatched them they were almost like the creamy concealers you get in those cheap kits, and when I blended them out on my skin they just went to nothing. They didn’t highlight or illuminate anything so I just don’t use them.

The other product in there is called the ‘eyebrow sculptor’, but it’s not! The colours all contain a lot of shimmer, and even boarder-line glitter.

Secondly, only one of the three colours (if they were matte) would be a suitable eyebrow colour. While the colours are nice, and I would use them as eyeshadows, but don’t call shimmery shadow eyebrow colours pleas

The brush isn’t even worth words. You know those crappy little things you get free normally are bad, this is even worse than those. The tweezers are by far the best thing of this entire palette. They are pretty decent and I will be keeping these aside to use more often.  

The packaging in actually quite nice but it could be better. The magnets are quite strong, so it would travel well in my opinion. I don’t like the font and colour on the back though because I struggled (big time) to read the writing. I could be so much better. 

The things making me still want to consider buying things from So Susan is the fact that they are a cruelty free company (something I vow to take more notice of from now on), and they are free from most nasty things and chemicals.  

Do you have any So Susan recommendation that would higher my opinion? I really want to like them….

Thanks for reading,
Sarah xo


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