Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Quo Exfoliating Cleanser Pads

Hey guys,

Oh my, I love these things! I say that about a lot of things about and I mean it but I really mean it for these. They are a pound land bargain find of mine, and I’m stocking up in fear that they will disappear out of my life. 

These pretty much look like any other cleansing pads you can buy on one side but the other side has a really fine grain, or really small exfoliating particles, on the other side that makes them what they are.
The smooth side can be used to take of makeup, and to remove dirt and oil from the face and it leaves it feeling nice and cleansed. I really like the cleansing solution these are soaked in, and I think it might have something to do with the Jojoba that’s infused in it. All in all, these cleansing solution works to cleanse the skin.

The grains is gentle enough that you can use these every day but they are exfoliating enough that they make you feel like you have exfoliating your skin and giving it a good clean. It removes the flaking bits of skin that are a constant side effect of having super dry skin, but they also remove impurities from the skin like those pesky little  blackheads that like to rear their ugly little heads every now and then. 

I used these morning and night and won’t be without them for a while. They do what they say they do, and they are only a POUND! I would recommend these to just about anyone, and have three pots stored away for when I’m running out! 

Do you have any pound land loves? I often find great things in there :) 
Thanks for reading guys,
Sarah xo


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