Monday, 3 March 2014

Sharing The Blogging Love

You'll have to excuse the old picture, because Nailasaurus has had a stunning makeup. It's just a beautiful, clean looking blog with gorgeous posts. The pictures are stunning, the designs cool and tutorials helpful.   

I'm sure I've featured Sara's blog in a previous favourite but It's staying on my top blog list. I think the design is great, the posts are interesting and have a nice mix of topics and I love the colour scheme of the blog too! Who doesn't love a bit of pink? 

Good pictures, concise posts and a nice clean lay out make this blog an addictive read. I highly recommend checking this blog out and having a good ol' read. 

 Again, I need to apologize for the older picture. This blog has also had a bit of a change up in design. It still looks fabulous, and I really enjoy the pictures on here. Her post on Tanya Burrs Lipglosses is a great read. 
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  1. I love checking out new blogs. Have a great day!

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  3. Definitely gonna check these out later! Sorry about deleting the comment before, haha x

  4. I read 2 of those and really enjoy them x

  5. Love discovering new blogs - thanks!


  6. thanks for sharing. where is my blog? just kidding :)



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