Monday, 13 January 2014

The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Shower Gel

I recently? (maybe 6 months ago) signed up for my second body shop loyalty card. For just a fiver, you can get 10% off for the year, get some nice birthday perks (I think it's a fiver off something) and you get a gift every 5th time you spend over £10 in store.

I think it's worth it if you like the stuff in the body shop, and being a body butter addict I knew I just had to have one. When I signed up, I got a free shower gel (sadly not as good as the gifts the week before and the week after). The shower gel itself is £6 so in fact I got the card for free and saved a £1 on a shower gel.  Out of the selection of scents (flavors?)  I picked up Japanese Cherry Blossom and fell in love a little. 

I can't compare it to one of my all time favourite body shop scent, lychee blossom if your interested but it is a close runner up. Lychee Blossom is sadly no longer available so this has taken its spot. 

I can't tell you if it smells exactly like Japanese Cherry Blossoms nor will I even attempt to try and describe the scent. I will just say go it and give it a whiff. It's really nice and unique. It lathers up really well in the shower and the scent does linger for a little while after.  If you really like the scent, they offer a whole range with the scent so you can layer it up for all day perfume on your skin.

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  2. it looks loke a nice product!
    Thank you for the review!

  3. I love the body shop, I'll have to keep a look out! :)



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