Monday, 20 January 2014

Look Beauty Loud Lips Lip Liner in Toffee Cup

 Toffee Cup is just 1 of 8 shades offered by Look Beauty. It matches up with their Loud Lipstick in the same shade, helping to create a long lasting lip look. Toffee Cup is the nude offering of the bunch alongside brighter shades of red, pink and coral. 

It falls on the peachy side of nude, meaning it gives a nude look to the lips without making you look dead or ill. It works well with my complexion (pink toned and very pale) and I can also see it looking great on someone with a tan. 

 The product goes onto the lips really well. It doesn't drag to much but there are creamy liners out there. I actually prefer this over the creamy options because it means it stays put longer and stays in the place you want it to. I gives the lipstick something the cling to and keeps the lipstick on your lips. It does need a balm underneath if you have drier lips, but I find that with any lip liner. 

The liner itself is pink with the colour shown on the end of the pencil. It's not quite true to the actual colour of the product but it gives you some idea. It is a simple sharpen pencil which is fine but I sharpeners come to my flat to  die so I never have one on hand to sharpen this bad boy. There is a reason I tend to go for automatic pencils. 

Toffee Cup Lip Liner is half price on Look Beauty at the moment, costing only £2 instead of the RRP of £4. I'm not sure if that offer applies in store, or whether Look Beauty is a brand still available in Superdrug stores anymore. 
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  1. Ha I did laugh at this bit "without making you look dead or ill" hee x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  2. I love the colour, so pretty and that it stays on longer.

  3. Love the colour! Am making a concerted effort to TRY and look a bit prettier this year and I am going to invest in some new make up! xx

  4. The colour looks lovely - and £2 is a great price :-)
    Love Vicky

  5. excellent price for a pencil i love to use mua lip liners go on soo smoothly and only £1

  6. I really like this natural looking shade. I am not a huge fan of bold, striking colours !


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