Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Wet n Wild Petal Pusher Palette + Mini Blog Sale

The Petal Pusher is a well sort after palette, especially by beauty addicts that find it hard to hold of Wet N Wild. The selection of 8 shadows are all gorgeous hues of purples ranging for very slightly tinted lilac white right up to a dark charcoal with purple shimmers running through it. 

Each shadow is labelled with a position on the eye, although I would use them in other places as well as what Wet N Wild have dictated.  The labels make this palette ideal for beginners who aren't used to creating eye looks, and the price makes it even better for those just starting out. 

The first is white shadow base with really subtle lilac shimmer. It's not the most pigmented of the bunch but is a gorgeous brow bone highlight. 

The lighter eyelid shade is a nice lavender shade with a golden shimmer. 

The crease shade on the left is the lighter of the two but are nice and deep. It's not matte but it's probably one of the most matte shades in the palette. Some might call it satin. There aren't any obvious shimmers or glitter and it works to subtly add colour to the eye. 

The lighter definer shade is an amazing blue purple with sliver glitters. I wouldn't use it to define anything but it looks lovely over the lid. The silver shimmers really pop when you load it up on the lid. 


Next up you have a pink/lilac shade, swatched it gives a shimmer to the skin that hints at the purple hue when it hits certain lights.  

The darker of the lid shades is a medium purple with tonnes of golden shimmer specks. The best part about the shade is that the glitter doesn't fall out all over your face and you can still see on the eye.

The darker of the crease shades is an almost exact dupe for MAC beauty marked. the black base is loaded up with pinky purple glitters that just give it a little something special.

The last shade is a black, with a similar depth to the beautymarked dupe. It has some subtle shimmers running through it but when you blend the shade you cannot really see them.  

All of the shades have a nice texture to them, with only one complaint. The white shade is a little chalky but still useable. If you really want to pack on the colour, you can get fall out but if you use a little and build it up it is easy to avoid. 

If you love purple shades, and want to grab a bargain I would highly recommend this. I know it's hard to get hold of here in the UK, but if you can get it  I would grab it. 

With this great review in mind, I'm not one for the purple shades. I tend to stick with greens, browns and charcoal colours so if anyone wants this palette (it's been used about x5) it is yours for £5.50 including postage (within the UK). 

Just email me: if you fancy snapping this up! Thanks for reading
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