Friday, 21 June 2013

YSL Golden Gloss Lipgloss in 40 Golden Impertinence

If I had to choose a favourite high end brand, I think I would have to pick YSL. I think they feel and look luxurious, and I've found that I've loved everything I've tried from them. 

There lipsticks are something I've been crushing on for quite some time, but now I have a new love. It comes in the form of there Golden Gloss Lip Glosses, that retail for £21 a tube. 

I recently purchased the YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in 2 from The Black Pearl Blog, and adore it but with some looks it's just too nude. I went off in search of a gloss to layer it with so I could warm it up a bit. I settled on The YSL Golden Gloss Lipgloss in 40 Golden Impertinence  because it was beautiful colour with some gorgeous flecks of glitter running through it. It didn't seem to sticky when I tried it out, and for a gloss it is surprisingly long lasting. 

I usually avoid things with glitter, scared that they are going to feel awful on the lips but this glitter is fine enough that it doesn't feel like you're lips. It does last about 2 hours without drinking or eating before you notice the glossiness dissipating. The pigmentation isn't as great as some glosses could be, but I find that great in this case because it's just pigmented enough to add some warmth to my nude lipsticks. 

I adore the packaging, but there is one thing I don't like. The clear tube, which showcases the lovely pink colour with many coloured glitter flecks, and the gold lid looks gorgeous. I really do not like the YSL stamp on the tube. The red and black squares make this feel just that little bit less classy. I wish it was maybe something more subtle like a slightly different gold to make it stand out on the lid. 

The brush helped sway my purchase because I adore lip glosses that have an actual brush rather than a sponge tip or doe foot applicator. The bristles are quite short so it's easy to avoid messing up the bristles because they are quite dense. 

The swatches doesn't do this floss justice. The pink colour is showcased brilliantly, but the gorgeous colour glitter isn't being shown at it's best. I found it almost impossible to try and showcase all the different colours of glitter (more of which can be seen in the photo of the tube) because they are all shown off in at different angles in the light. 

Overall, I can't claim this is the best thing since slice bread. I'm sure there are better glosses out there and something just as good at a cheaper price but I love this and would recommend this if you fancy treating yourself. It's something I would reach for everyday because the colour is complementary to many different lip colours. 



  1. Oooooh! This looks so pretty! It has "pay day treat" written all over it :)

    Love Zoe x


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