Monday, 6 October 2014

Purity Overnight Regenerating Moisturizer

Today I have a review of the Purity Regenerating Overnight Moisturiser. I both love and loath this product so prepare yourself for a mixed feeling ramble post. So, I’ve had this for a while, and have been using it on and off ever since I've received it but recently I've kept it in my routine a bit more consistently so I think I can form an opinion on it.  

The formula is a very thick, almost like the body butters from The Body Shop. I personally like that in a cream, especially at night, because I have very dry skin at time and I like using something intense at night to try and help that issue. I don't mind the thickness or the fact that it takes a little while to sink in because I'm using it at night don't need to be putting makeup on top of it.  They can just take their time settling into your skin.  

It does contain some common skin care ingredients that make it great for my drier skin like Vitamin E. It also contains Ceramide 3 which is something used to reinforce the moisture barrier on the skin and it helps keep it protected from the environment. It also helps keep moisture levels balanced the following day. 

Now for the reasons I don't like this is the fact that you can feel it on the skin after using it. After it sinks in, you can almost feel a tackiness on the skin until you do your morning cleanse. I like that it works, and helps keep dry patches at bay, but sometimes I just want my skin to feel soft and not tacky after taking the grime of the day off. 

I would purchase this, but I think I will keep looking out for other night creams that work they way this does but don't leave the feeling on the skin after. Also, I don't like the natural/herbal scent that is has but it doesn't last long after you've used it so I can get over it. 

You can get it here for £7.99 if you fancy giving it a go. 

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