Thursday, 31 October 2013

My Fashionista 6 Pan Palette: Eyeshadow, Blush, Highlight and More

I am so late with this Fashionista Custom Palette review. I picked this 6 pan palette and the refills up when MUA started selling the Fashionsita brand on their website, which I think was about (or over) 6 months ago). 

The palette is really good quality, and the pans fit into the slots nice and securely. The closure is very secure, which means I am totally comfortable throwing this in my bag if I want something for on the go touch ups or taking it traveling with me without fear that it will open or break.   The huge mirror within the palette also makes this great for on the go because you can see everything without any struggles.  

I opted for the white, 6 pan palette and decided to fill it with 2 blushes, a bronzer, highlight and two eyeshadows. Not having tried the brand before, I wanted to give the whole range a good go so I have a mixture of the regular formula and the "baked" or "merged" blushes/bronzer/eyeshadows. 

Juicy Apricot is an orange/coral blush with gold glitter running through it. I adore  this blush and find it great for everyday wear. I must admit the glitter did put me off a little but on the cheeks it gives the skin a glowy look rather than the disco ball look.  You can notice the glitter on closer inspection though, so if you don't like glitter I would say try "Lolly" from MUA which is similar in colour but matte (review here). 

New York is a blusher from the baked line that Fashionista offer. It's a gorgeous medium pink with a cool toned shimmer running through it. Whilst it does have shimmer, it is free of glitter. It has a nice pigment to it but the great thing about this blush is that it can be sheered out easily for a subtle look or built up for something a little more intense. For me, it's one of those blushes that is near impossible to mess up. 

Paris is a deep, matte bronzer. It's not to orange or anything, but because it is so highly pigmented it can be hard to blend leaving it looking a little muddy. Used with a duo fiber of stippling brush, it works really well because the brush applies the colour lightly. I think it would be better suited to a tanned skin tone, rather than my ghostly pale complexion but I can make it work.  It is great to find something that can work and isn't tango orange. 

Barcelona is another bronzer, but it is in fact a highlighter shade. This is one of a baked option, like New York and is free of chunky glitter. It does have a shimmer running through it making it great for highlighting the eyes or cheeks. The light, golden colour is for pale to medium skin tones depending on how heavily you apply it. It is nicely pigmented, like the other products and the lasting time totally depends on what foundation I'm wearing. 

Bliss is my miss of this little palette. It has nothing to do with the quality of the product because it's really great quality but it is more to do with my stupidity in choosing a colour. Bliss is a barbie, pearly pink shade that is BRILLIANTLY pigmented. It is very similar, in formula, to the MUA  singles but I find it slightly more buttery with less fall out. I would use this so much more if the colour wasn't quite so pink, so I think I'll check out the other shades in this line. 

Finally, we have Double Take which is a baked eyeshadow. It is shimmery with gold glitter as well. It's a gorgeous golden, bronze brown shade that, like bliss, is gorgeously pigmented. My only issue with this is that the glitter falls out like crazy. You can get around the issue but putting your foundation or concealer on later, but I just cannot get used to doing my face after my eyes. I do need a primer underneath this, and the other shadow, to make it last all day without creasing but they don't fade without a primer it's just the creasing I have an issue with.

Just A Note: The compacts that the refills come in are actually quite poor quality, so I would recommend picking up a palette if you are going to invest in something from this Custom line. 

You can check out the palettes and refills here and they start from just £1.65 a piece.


  1. Oooh the double take looks so pretty - shame the sparkles fall out, but the colour looks gorgeous anyway :)

  2. I really like the Barcelona shade! Great choices! Thanks for sharing.


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